We adapt our hotel PMS for your business

  We have studied all options and all possible cases. We know how the daily operations performed in hotels are...

Automated and unattended check-in and check-out posts for hotels

Your customers can complete the entire check-in and check out process without going to the reception counter. More convenient and faster...

Rate your new products or services through Domotel

  Previously, we learned how to add products in the system. Today we will learn how to rate products and choose...

Hotel facility management and PMS software in one application


Domotel is the all-in-one hotel management solution

Do you need to record your hotel bookings automatically into your hotel business management system?
Would you like to have your clients check-in and check-out at automated self-service kiosks?
Do you want to charge your clients on an hourly basis?
Wouldn't it be great to check on your business status or track record, from anywhere at anytime, in real-time?
Ever thought about charging your clients' expenses directly to their accounts through the hotel room key-card?

Reduce total cost of hotel management and ownership

Domotel allows you to manage hotel resources more efficiently. Save on fixed costs such as electricity, hotel staff, heating or air conditioning. Make better management decisions with the help of Domotel. 60% of total energy costs of a hotel come from poor room energy management. Domotel helps you cut down on your hotel's energy bills.

Simplify management using an all-in-one hotel solution

We offer a total all-in-one hotel management solution. Manage your hotel business (PMS hotel software), your hotel facilities (hotel building automation and hotel facility management) and access to all the information through one simple solution, whenever you want, whereever you want, with Domotel. We reduce the number of technological providers to only one and limit integration problems to the utmost.

Increase hotel staff efficiency

Automating and centralising all the hotel management information in one technology empowers your hotel staff to work faster and better. Domotel also includes functions that enable you to evaluate staff performance. In addition, we become your hotel's technical and IT department through our support service. As a hotelier, you don't need to spend on IT staff team expenses.

Custom technology for specific hotel needs

Domotel is a starting point that satisfies most hotel needs, no matter size or business nature. However, seamless integration of third-party systems and technologies and custom-made communication systems is always possible with Domotel. We work with open protocols and market standards. We cover every technological need related to the hotel industry.

Manage hotel business and building from one screen

With an all-in-one solution, hotel management costs decrease since there is no need to maintain and update different technologies. Furthermore, management becomes easy and hotel staff performance increases strongly. Domotel is seamlessly integrated with third-party technologies because from the very start we have kept the total hotel business concept in mind.

Improve hotel customer service with check-in kiosks

Save on fixed costs in your hotel with automated self-service check-in and check-out kiosks. Complementing your reception desk with self-service hotel kiosks improves customer service. You help your hotel staff to be more available for those clients that really demand the human touch.