Reduce hotel costs with Domotel building automation and facility management


Domotel building automation and facility management helps you save energy in your hotel

Domotel's buildling automation system enables access control, permission management and activation of hotel services in hotel facilities

Hotel building automation allows you to save energy and make better decisions following facility management criteria

Domotel´s hotel building automation system is:  versatile, distribuited, easy to install and small in size

Domotel building automation is suitable for hotel business of any size and business nature


Hotel access control

With Domotel, access control to the different rooms and facilities in your hotel is very easy to configure. Access is controlled using RFID hotel card-keys. Each card has a single code administrated by the system. Cards are no longer valid once clients leave. The system must assign the card to a new client for the card to work again. The system identifies false cards. If it has not been discharged by the system, it simply won't work. Cards are standard and can be purchased from practically any supplier.

Hotel service and facility management

Hotel service building automation and facility management avoids waisting energy uselessly. Hotel facilities and services only use energy when they are really demanded to work. When needed, for specific management needs or under emergency, manual override of the building is always possible.

Hotel energy saving management

Did you know that 60% of hotel energy consumption is due to hotel rooms? And when occupancy rates are at maximum it increases to 80%? Building automation and hotel facility management helps you decrease this consumption and adopt energy-saving policies when running your hotel business.

Manual override of building automation elements

Manual override allows you to control all the automated elements inside your hotel facilities. It can be used in specific moments of time and it is very discrete when it comes to enabling and disabling room elements, specially when they are occupied.