Simplify hotel management with Domotel PMS software


Domotel integrates hotel PMS with facility management software

Powerful PMS integrated with hotel facility management

Domotel adapts to hotels of any size and business

It covers the following functionalities: management, reservation, check-in and check-out, POS, accounting, reports, staff, time&attendance and manual override of building automated elements

Completely expandable to new requirements. Open protocols. Market standards

It includes an information system to check on the hotel's key performance indicators in real-time, accesible through the Internet

Hotel business management software

Domotel software integrates in one product the PMS with building automation management and control. Our includes the following modules although it is expandable to new requierements if needed:client portfolio, reservations, check-in and check-out, staff management, time & attendance system, stockroom management, POS, occupancy management, manual override building control, accounting, key perfomance indicators reports. Domotel is Completely expandable to new requirements.

Hotel reservation software

Fully automatic reservation management. Gestión completa y automática de las reservas. Obtain customer loyalty recording notes on their reservation preferences. Update and simplify your current reservation management. Look up information on each reservation whenever you want, to keep in mind each client's preferences improving customer care.

Hotel check-in and check-out software

Last generation check-in and check-out functionalities. Faster and more reliable check-in process. Discover new charging functionalities.

POS software for hotels

POS specifically designed for hotel needs. Group products into different categories. Assign different prices to the same group of products according to the type of service (room service, cafeteria, swimming pool, etc...). POS set up is very fast and easy.


Accounting is easily integrated. Domotel allows you to plan room fees for different holidays and seasons.

Manual override of automated elements in the hotel

Manual  overrides enables you tu control manually every single automated element in the hotel facilities.