Automatic hotel reservation management with Domotel software


Fully automatic hotel reservation management software

Obtain loyal clients by getting to know their preferences

Update and simplify your current hotel reservation process

Get information on any of your clients by simply looking it up on the database

Automatic hotel reservation management

Domotel enables you to manage your hotel reservation system automatically:

  1. Domotel includes a completely automatic booking management system
  2. Domotel enables you to record notes about each client's reservation. Add any relevant information on each client's record: preferences, warnings, past incidents, etc.
  3. You can look up all the information whenever you want, to keep it in mind when a repeat client decides to make a new reservation at your hotel.
  4. Domotel helps you obtain loyal clients and improves customer service at your hotel. Your clients will recommend you because you make them feel just like home if you exploit Domotel's client portfolio.


Simplify your hotel's reservation management system

Simplify and speed up your hotel reservation process:

  1. Every booking is managed following different stages. Booking stages include if system has booked a room, if it wasn't able to book it, if client is late, if booking is going to be cancelled due to delay, etc.

  2. The amount of time the system waits to change booking status is completely configurable.
  3. The system enables different types of bookings apart from traditional room reservations. Guests can book a type of room, for example.
  4. The application supports deposits (as a pre-payment mode) and an "Observations" field to write down notes on bookings.
  5. Prices are calculated according to price rate planning for the day the lodging takes place and the services ordered for each kind of room.