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New check-in and check-out functionalities with Domotel

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Hotel check-in process with Domotel

During the check-in, client info is filled out automatically when the client introduces his ID card or passport in the kiosk scanner. If guest is new, the client form is filled out automatically. In both cases, a picture of the client's documentation just in case we need to indicate something to the client. (id card placed wrongly, unfocused etc.).

  1. The user has to select the room suggested by the kiosk (in those cases which the kiosk doesn't include a touch screen where the client can choose the room himself) and then press accept.
  2. In addition, the kiosk displays available services during the stay and the price for each one.
  3. It's possible to perform pre-payments and leave observations for a specific check-in.
  4. Each client can be assigned different permissions (configurable) to open specific facility doors, i.e. private cafeteria for hotel guests, or restrict access to pool or gym.


Hotel check-out process with Domotel

At check-out, the application displays a screen with all the items ordered by the client during his stay, the total amount and the amount pre-payed. The system enables you to print tickets as well as invoices. The invoice can be issued to the client's name or to a different one. The user must select a payment method, and different rooms and lodgings can be charged all together. Besides different payment methods, the application enables you to charge clients differently according to the following circumstances:

  1. Charge a walk-in: clients that walked in your facilities (no need to manage car exit).
  2. Charge drive-through: clients that arrived by car to your facilities. It authorizes garage doors, gateways and toll barriers to open.
  3. Charge "out for a walk": clients that go out for a small period of time and paln to return to their room. In these cases, room status remains occupied.