Comprehensive hotel management in one solution with Domotel


Converged solution for comprehensive hotel management in one easy, powerful and intuititve application

Seamless integration with any third-party technology

Suitable for hotel businesses of all shapes and sizes

Scalability and integration are two key ideas in our software development strategy

Hotel client management

Obtain client loyalty with the help of Domotel. Get guests to repeat at your hotel by recording their preferences and knowing their likes and dislikes. Simplify and speed up the entire cllient management process improving customer service with Domotel.

Hotel staff management

Increase hotel staff efficiency and improve employee performance in your hotel. Manage your business staff better with Domotel: plannings, task manager

ment, time&attendance, performance reports, etc.

Hotel stockroom management

Create and manage all the virtual hotel stockroooms you need with Domotel. Unlimited number of stockrooms. Control hotel stocks for each stockroom.

Hotel occupancy management

Offer better customer service and manage occupancy in an easy, simple and intuitive manner. Monitor and control occupancy management graphically. All with the help of Domotel.

Hotel business management report

Domotel enables you the possibility to generate and print hotel business management reports of any kind. Since all the information is controled by one system, you can cross any kind of information regarding hotel management, facility management, access control, etc. The sky is the limit, identify your key performance indicators and analyze your business from different view-points.