We adapt our hotel PMS for your business


We have studied all options and all possible cases. We know how the daily operations performed in hotels are because we experienced it. We know what you are looking for. That is the reason why we have developed Domotel, a technology solution that includes management of the building (building automation), management of the hotel business (with our PMS) and integration with existing and future technologies. We would be your only supplier of technology. You just have to contact with one team.

One of the parts of Domotel is the hotel management software. This PMS was born from the study of typical situations in hotels. These are some of the advantages of installing Domotel's PMS:

1. You can check room status and perform the check-in and check-out from a single screen. Unlike other PMS, our control panel is a real map of your hotel where you can check the changes in real-time.

2. Our PMS is very usable and easy to learn. This is an intuitive system in which the options are very easy. Employees with less experience will not have to train a lot to use it.

3. You can analyze and evaluate the management of your hotel through comprehensive reports that you can configure yourself.

4. Our management software is natively integrated with home automation. You can get the most of your facilities and manage the rooms and common areas with energy saving criteria.

5. You can easily control your stocks and warehouses. Adding a new item to the point of sale is not complicated and you can do it yourself.


6. Your staff will access to the system with an individual key. So they will have just the part of the software that they need to use.

These are just the main advantages of Domotel. Contact us to learn how we can adapt our products to your business or ask for a quotation.


Automated and unattended check-in and check-out posts for hotels

Your customers can complete the entire check-in and check out process without going to the reception counter.

  • More convenient and faster check-in and check-out for your hotel guests.
  • Allows staff resource optimization.
  • The check-in an check-out process becomes comfortable,  fast and intuitive:
  1. The guests enters their ID card or passport in the scanner.
  2. The automated kiosk checks the reservation and provides the key to the room.
  • We customize each automated check-in and check out kiosk, tailored to each hotel or motel policy.
  • Top privacy in motels. No need to see or speak to any employee.

The Domotel automated check-in and check-out kiosks include:

  • Touchscreen: To interact with the host.
  • ID card or passport reader: The guests deposits his passport or identity card and his data is automatically entered. Support for new formats of electronic documents.
  • Card Dispenser: Dispense automatic contactless cards (RFID). Possibility of using VIP cards, promotional cards, discount cards, etc..
  • Intercom: For questions or clarification with the reception staff. Focused mainly for motels.

We offer a good solution for hotels of any size. Learn about how Domotel gives answers to your needs, do not hesitate to contact us now.




Rate your new products or services through Domotel


Previously, we learned how to add products in the system. Today we will learn how to rate products and choose their point of sale (café,. minibar...) This process is very simple. It allows you to be very autonomous in the management of your business. You will easily update your menu adding new products or new cuisine recipes. You will not have to wait a long time to offer your customers the best and newest products.

In our example, we want to add and rate a new cocktail called "White Russian." Previously we have created it and introduced into the system, Now we are going to rate it and choose a point of sale for it. We have to go to "Settings" in the gray submenu. Once inside, go to "products" and "Groups". The following screen appears; you will find the steps you must follow there.



Through these five steps, we have told the system to sell our cocktail just in the café (we have assigned a point of sale for our product) However, we have not assign a price jet. Through Domotel, we can put the same price for all types of customers or we can customize the price depending on how they have found us. That is  what we do in the next screen. It appears if you press "add" on the previous screen. Follow the steps in the image and you will have the product ready for the guests.



After clicking "Accept", a small window will indicate you that the operation has been performed successfully. Automatically you will return to the first screen where you can confirm that the product (in our example, the cocktail "White Russian") is within the products sold in the cafeteria.

The best way to create a hotel PMS is discussing its characteristics with you. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us and request more information about Domotel. We will customize our products to create the best solution for your hotel business.


You can expand your range of products or services with Domotel


We think you should be absolutely free to manage your hotel business and add new products to your café or minibars. This is the reason why we have set up our hotel PMS to make this kind of process easier. You will add new items to your café or minibar faster than ever. In our opinion, this process should be very flexible so you could include the last dishes in culinary trends, new beverages or last cuisine recipes. We can configure it without any problems and we would help you to solve your doubts. However, you will not need any support and you will not have to ask us to include products in your database.

Let's see how it works. First, you have to clik on "Settings" tab. After that, you have to enter in "Products" and then "Registration of articles." The following screen appears. Follow the steps in the picture to create a new product.



The product is now created and added into the database. Now it only remains to rate it. We will learn how to do it in the next post.

Do not forget we can custom our system and adapt it to your needs. Contact us and we will advise you to adopt the most appropriate technological solution in each case.


New hotel guest experience solutions with Domotel

Guest Experience Solutions and Energy Saving Management with Domotel

Save on lighting, benefit from Domotel. Energy efficient lighting solutions give you savings and your guest’s radiant ambiance throughout their stay. Domotel creates customized, integrated solutions for your property. Guest Room Controls Intuitive in-room solutions allow your guests to relax and enjoy the comforts of their own home. You benefit from repeat happy guest visits and significant energy efficiencies and savings.

Control energy management with Domotel's fully integrated facility management and building automation system

Domotel cuts on the largest sources of energy waste in the hospitality business – heating, cooling and lighting. Through the innovative use of in-room automation, real-time reporting, lighting and HVAC controls, it dramatically reduces energy wasted to heat or cool an unoccupied room. Domotel`s central control software provides hotel operators and maintenance personnel the convenience of customized software and real-time monitoring to enhance total energy savings.

Modern, comfortable and efficient hotel buildings with Domotel

Domotel provides hotels with a modern feel and make buildings comfortable for clients and employees. Save on energy bills and make your guests repeat at your hotel with the help of Domotel.



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