Explore the possibilities of the control access system based in RFID cards


Domotel's access control is based on RFID cards. These devices transmit information using radio waves and do not require contact with the reader. With Domotel, permission is granted by the system. So, the cards just store the information needed to access in the room, turn on the light or air conditioning. Furthermore, when the client checks-out, the information in the card is erased and the card will be used for another client for another room.

We can configure different types of cards depending on their use:

1. Customer card: It opens the door of the room and activate the light, air conditioning and services that the client has contracted. This system offers many possibilities and, depending on the type of hotel, it can be configured to allow the access to other facilities. For example, a customer arrives at a thermal spa and contracts for services in different hot springs. The card that he will receive at the front desk would be configured not only to open the door of his room but also to these other areas. We would adapt our products to your business and we would propose an accurate solution for every type of hotel.

2. Staff card: These cards would be used by your employees. It allows them to enter in every room unless a client is inside. It only activate the light. In addition, the card will also serve to make their clocking in and out.

3. Emergency card: It allow to enter in one room even if it is blocked or occupied.

4. Master card: It grant the access to all rooms except if it are blocked.

5. Supermaster card: It is similar to the master card. The only difference is that it allows you to enter in every room even if their status is "blocked". Emergency card, master card and supermaster card activate all the services of the room.

The point is that access control cards are very basic. That is the reason why we can offer a wide range of applications adapted to your business and your customers. If one card gets lost, we will just desactive it. It is a standard device so it will be easy to replace.

We will create the best access control in every case because we study every case individually. We adapt to business, spa or luxury tourism. Contact us now and explore the different options.