Hotel check-in software with Domotel (I)

This is the first of a series of articles directed to understand Domotel's check-in software features. We will analyze Domotel's check-in interface from left to right, up to down. To access Domotel's check-in screen from the main menu simply click on check.-in:






Once inside, the check-in screen appears. On the left column we have the following options:

1. Room allocation,  rooms can be assigned through a previous reservation o to a client that requests a room spontaenously.

2. Room selection, it can be assigned automatically by the system or manualyy by the hotel receptionist.



When a client already has a reservation, hotel receptionist can look up the reservation by the code. Domotel hotel software also enables you to look up a reservation through a client's name. Once a reservation is identified, the system asigns a room manually. Nevertheless, the hotel receptionist can assign the rooms manually whenever he wants.


These are the reservation query forms.




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