Domotel offers much more than software for hotels

The complete Domotel system covers everything  you need to manage a hotel as automated, and therefore as efficient, as possible. Thus, together with the PMS for the management of the hotel business, we offer every option listed below or, alternatively, the integration of  our PMS with the equivalents from other manufacturers:

  • Access control for vehicles, license plate readers, toll barriers, sensors, etc.
  • Electronic door control with proximity cards: on-line system where information is not recorded on the card, so you can do all sorts of changes without having the card physically.
  • Telephone exchange: Disable external calls or set wake-up calls and other alarms from any PC. Change room status using the telephone for the cleaning staff.
  • Building Automation for hotels and motels: Control lighting, garage doors, air conditioning, whirlpool, sauna, television, etc.. It allows controlling certain services. For example, if the sauna has not been payed for previously it cannot be activated not activated…
  • On demand television for hotels: you can buy a DVD quality movie using the TV remote control. In addition, there are different menus on the television. For example, guests can view their account or order room service.  Housekeeping staff, can check hotel rooms as “cleaned” when finished.
  • Fingerprint readers: we install both fingerprint readers or RFID proximity card readers. The advantage of fingerprint readers is that the person is identified unambiguously and the advantage of card readers is that one same card  grants access to room doors and offices. It also serves as identification to access PMS system, etc…
  • Automated check-in and check-out machines for hotels: avoid having guests wait at your hotel, enable self-service kiosks so they can choose their rooms through pictures and pay on the spot…
  • Information web platform: check on your hotel business key performance indicators, such as occupancy, billing or bookings. Generate track reports in MS Excel and PDF format, all available online, at any time, and in real time.