Ictel Engineering becomes Red Hat partner


We have become partners of Red Hat, one of the greatest open source software suppliers whose products are distributions of Linux. It is a result of our commitment to quality and customer service. This agreement will allow us to improve the accurate operation of servers of the systems that we implement for our customers. We will also receive technical assistance in order to continue the development of higher quality and efficiency products. With this, we provide the best service and technology solutions compatible with all types of software.

We are aware that the market increasingly demands this kind of technological solutions. Therefore we choose to enjoy the support services of Red Hat. In this way, we join a specialized network in open-source software, whose "raison d'etre" is that sharing the source with programmers will make the software evolve, improve and correct its mistakes faster.

Red Hat will send us information to know how to implement our technology solutions. We will also have access to technical seminars in which they will transmit us their know-how and resources to get the most from their solutions. Amongs t other advantages, this partnership means that we will attend better your demands because we are taking advantage of a global network to improve the open source software.