Rate your new products or services through Domotel


Previously, we learned how to add products in the system. Today we will learn how to rate products and choose their point of sale (café,. minibar...) This process is very simple. It allows you to be very autonomous in the management of your business. You will easily update your menu adding new products or new cuisine recipes. You will not have to wait a long time to offer your customers the best and newest products.

In our example, we want to add and rate a new cocktail called "White Russian." Previously we have created it and introduced into the system, Now we are going to rate it and choose a point of sale for it. We have to go to "Settings" in the gray submenu. Once inside, go to "products" and "Groups". The following screen appears; you will find the steps you must follow there.



Through these five steps, we have told the system to sell our cocktail just in the café (we have assigned a point of sale for our product) However, we have not assign a price jet. Through Domotel, we can put the same price for all types of customers or we can customize the price depending on how they have found us. That is  what we do in the next screen. It appears if you press "add" on the previous screen. Follow the steps in the image and you will have the product ready for the guests.



After clicking "Accept", a small window will indicate you that the operation has been performed successfully. Automatically you will return to the first screen where you can confirm that the product (in our example, the cocktail "White Russian") is within the products sold in the cafeteria.

The best way to create a hotel PMS is discussing its characteristics with you. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us and request more information about Domotel. We will customize our products to create the best solution for your hotel business.