We adapt our hotel PMS for your business


We have studied all options and all possible cases. We know how the daily operations performed in hotels are because we experienced it. We know what you are looking for. That is the reason why we have developed Domotel, a technology solution that includes management of the building (building automation), management of the hotel business (with our PMS) and integration with existing and future technologies. We would be your only supplier of technology. You just have to contact with one team.

One of the parts of Domotel is the hotel management software. This PMS was born from the study of typical situations in hotels. These are some of the advantages of installing Domotel's PMS:

1. You can check room status and perform the check-in and check-out from a single screen. Unlike other PMS, our control panel is a real map of your hotel where you can check the changes in real-time.

2. Our PMS is very usable and easy to learn. This is an intuitive system in which the options are very easy. Employees with less experience will not have to train a lot to use it.

3. You can analyze and evaluate the management of your hotel through comprehensive reports that you can configure yourself.

4. Our management software is natively integrated with home automation. You can get the most of your facilities and manage the rooms and common areas with energy saving criteria.

5. You can easily control your stocks and warehouses. Adding a new item to the point of sale is not complicated and you can do it yourself.


6. Your staff will access to the system with an individual key. So they will have just the part of the software that they need to use.

These are just the main advantages of Domotel. Contact us to learn how we can adapt our products to your business or ask for a quotation.