If you want to know more about Domotel, call us and we will go to visit you


We will explain in detail our system; we will identify your needs and propose you the best solution for your hotel. These are the objectives that we will achieve if we perfom a demo for you. This is the reason why are going to visit you during the week of 14 to 18 June. These are our dates:

14 June: Lugo

15 June: A Coruña

16 June: Ourense

17 and 18 June: Pontevedra

We can suggest ideas to improve your building automation and show you hotel technology solutions such as IPTV or access controls with RFID cards. So, although you are not planning short-term reforms, we can help you to realize what aspects of your facilities can be improved in the future.

You will know an unique system that mix building automation and an useful hotel PMS that we can custom for you. If your hotel is oriented to business tourism we will show you our check-in and check-out kiosks. These devices will give more freedom of movement to the guest. The kiosk are like the "express check-in kiosks" at airports, a tool with which business travelers are very familiar. Similarly, you will also have an alternative to avoid queuing in peak season or special events like international conferences.

In addition, our software allows you to perfom a better management of your hotel. You can notice the needs of your hotel anytime through Domotel's reports. For example, you will know how much time is spent in cleaning a room or what doors were opened during the day. Another advantage our extensive credit terms. During this year we introduced deferred payment to provide you all tools to upgrade your business.

We believe we can help you to run your hotel because we are specialized in home automation and custom software for this kind of buildings. Our company offers a wide range of products we can adapt to your business. If you are interested to fix an appointment, call us now

+34 986 262 230 during office hours.

+34 616 069 422 at any time of day.


If you are planning to build a hotel, we can design your facilities


Domotel is a unique product on the market. We can safely say this because there is no other system that integrates natively hotel management software with building automation. This is the reason why we say that Domotel is an all-in-one solution for hotels. We can be your only technology suppliers: we can provide you with all the devices that you need to run your business.

If you are planning to build a hotel, do not hesitate to contact us. We are experts in this kind of projects. Therefore, Ictel Ingenieros will be your architect's technology partner. Our staff will search for the best solutions to automate and modernize your facilities. Our engineers will figure out how increase the energy saving. We keep up with the times suggesting solutions like modern access control or IPTV. In addition, our experts will plan everything avoiding inconsistencies on the project.

As you can see, we are specialized in this sector. Our customers are very satisfied with the results achieved due to our collaboration because:

1. We adapt our solutions to the size of your business. It does not matter if your planning to build a small or a luxury hotel: we study every case and suggest the best for you.

2. We keep in mind how you will manage your business in the future.

3. Our system is flexible and compatible with current and future technology. We work with open protocol and market standards.

4. We design your facilities to improve energy saving.


Domotel: hotel software and hotel building automation in one technology


Domotel unites in one simple technology hotel building automation and hotel software. Here is a brief graphic presentation on the concept of Domotel:


The best way to create a hotel PMS is discussing its characteristics with you. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us and request more information about Domotel. We will customize our products to create the best solution for your hotel business.

Technology for luxury hotels with Domotel

Domotel is a technology platform for hotels of all kinds.

Domotel, our smart technology for hotels, enables you to personalize the room temperature, music, and to know the amount of drinks available at the minibar. Our system allows us to offer these services to regular customers, so that at check in they get a lot more than the usual in any other hotel. We record data on the tastes and preferences of our customers as the preferred room temperature, the intensity of light, their preferred settings for hotel TV and other things automatically.

With Domotel all these services are already available thanks to our electronic and computer systems that connect the rooms to network servers, and record guest preferences . It enables us  to change the general conditions of rooms and any other services, adpating them to our clients demands and likes. Domotel lets you know if a guest likes the lights dim or bright, open or closed the curtains or blinds open at a certain time.

The best way to create a hotel PMS is discussing its characteristics with you. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us and request more information about Domotel. We will customize our products to create the best solution for your hotel business.


Foster customer loyalty through promotions created with Domotel


Domotel offers you a wide range of services to create promotions and attract new clients or foster customer loyalty. Our hotel PMS is very useful because it shows you all the possible options that you can choose when you are planning a strategy to promote your hotel business. Let's see how it works.

If you make clik on "Settings" in the gray submenu. After that you have to enter in "Fees" and "Promotions" ( Setup > Fees > Promotions)

Once inside, you will find this screen.



First, you must name the promotion in order to identify it later when you are assigning it to a room or a client. You can also add a description to show what it is this.

On the left side of the screen, you will find different options. It are services or products you can promote. You can see an example in the picture but keep in mind that we adapt our product to your needs and we will increase or reduce these options if you want to. In this menu you can see from up to down:

1. Discount: You can fix the discount that you want to include. If you want the service to be free, just enter 100%.

2. Services: It includes hotel services like whirlpool or sauna, amongst others.

3. Product: It can be products such as foods, drinks or snacks. It are grouped in "groups" (cafeteria or minibar, for example), "superfamilies", "families" and "products". You can also choose how many products will be given away or discounted.

4. Others: As you can see in the image below, we can include other tabs like "phone" (telephone calls promotions);  "wifi" (promotions based on Internet connection); "accomodation" (promotions based in discounted accommodations) or "films" (promotions based in free or discounted movies on demand)

Note that all these options can be customized. If you want us to adapt our products to your hotel business, please contact us.


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