Check your hotel management with the reports generated by Domotel


All customer's comings and goings, employees clockings in and payments are registered in our management software for hotels. You can easily check all  the details and create reports about it at any time. It will allow you to evaluate the management of your hotel and assess the results. You can make different types of reports:

1. Invoicing: Know the details of every cash gauging, cash register, tickets, invoices or sales of the most consumed products.

2. Warehouses: Check the remaining stocks and the list of products available in the restaurant or minibars.

3. Room status: Print a list of rooms to clean for the housekeeper supervisor and make reports about the current room status.

4. Customers: Collect data and statistics about the guests in order to record client consumption, analyze their preferences or create offers. This section also contains reports about reservations.

5. Staff: Create reports about the tasks performed by your employees. You can set up groups of workers (for example, restaurant or reception). You can value the work of your staff or identify gaps in customer care or services. There are different types of reports: access, timetables, clockings in, planning, timing or cleaning.

6. Other: Here you will find reports that are not included in the rest of categories. For example, you can report all calls made in the building. You can customize our hotel PMS and include other types of reports.

The next picture shows you where "reports" option is.


You can leak the data and make a report just with the facts that are interesing for your hotel business. The pages of these documents are numbered. It are also easily printable and exportable in PDF format.

If you want to know other advantages of Domotel, please contact us. Do not forget that we can tailor our products to give you the perfect solution for your business. So if you need some other options, please call our technicians.


Customize your hotel PMS including new options to manage event spaces


The management of shared areas also helps you to save energy in the hotel. The greater energy consumption is produced in the guest room. However you can also manage shared spaces like hallways, stairways or other rooms such as banquet or event rooms for conferences or business meetings. Our hotel PMS offers you a solutions designed for each room type and each type of functionality. We adapt our products to create the applications that your hotel needs.

Domotel control event rooms easily. It is the same system for guest and event rooms. The control panel is the key. The halls and event rooms appear in the hotel map with the same status used to classify the guest rooms: busy, free, cleaning or review, amongst others. Our hotel PMS also allows you to control the building automation elements and services contracted by  the client. You just have to click on them. You can see a control panel for event rooms in the picture.



These spaces would be differentiated from the guest rooms because they would be named "event room" in the control panel. The management of these kind of rooms is easy because it are like guest rooms. However, Domotel's PMS allows you to rate it in a different way because our system is fully configurable and adaptable to your needs. For example, you can classify the halls as a room and associate it to types of stay depending on the services requested by the client. You can also fix the price to this type of services.

The best way to create a hotel PMS is discussing its characteristics with you. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us and request more information about Domotel. We will customize our products to create the best solution for your hotel business.


Balance the register is easier with Domotel

Balance the register is easier with Domotel. We can configure our system to include all the necessary options for managing your hotel. You can include different ways of payment or even register what type of card the customer used to paid.

Let's see the process step by step:

1. You have to log with your user profile to open the program.

2. Open the display "Balance the register" in the grey submenu at the top. Once inside, click on the tabs "Balance the register" and "Cash gauging"

3. The check-outs or cafeteria receipts are done in their respective screens.

4. At the end of the cash gauging, the money will be counted. Staff can use the tab called "Count". There they can enter the quantities of each type of bill or coin.

5. The cash counted will appear on "Declared". The program also calculates how much you should have on hand in the column "Estimated". If there is any difference between the "declared" and "estimated", the system will show it in "Difference" column.

6. You can leave notes about the incidences in the "Observations" tab.

The following picture summarizes the steps described above:

As you can see, our system is very easy to handle. You can also print a report about the cash flows, room occupancy and consumption in the café. In this way, you will have a clear picture of the daily management of your hotel business.

This is just one of Domotel's advantages. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need more information. Talking with you, we can understand your needs and answer them by customizing our system for you.


A wide range of services accessible through television


Domotel is like a living system. We work to integrate elements and create synergies in order to enhance the use of other devices. An example of this is integration with the television.

Our integration system with television is based on IPTV. Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) is the most common system of subscription to television signals or video. It works through broadband connections over IP protocol. The television receives the signal through a data cable and a decoder. In fact, the last one is a small computer. Therefore, we take advantage of these terminals to use television for:

1. The customer can browse the Internet through television. This will be rated and charged automacally in the guest's account.

2. The client can also use his own laptop because the TV decoders are also wireless repeaters.

3. You can offer video on demand (VOD). This service operates as a virtual video club in which the guest choose serials, films or TV programs.

Besides all this, our management software integrated with television is used to improve two aspects:

1. Customer service. The guest can check-out or order products from  the room service through television. These services increase the comfort and quickness.

2. Efficiency of the staff: For example, cleaning staff can change the room status from "Cleaning" to "Free" or enter the details of amenities consumption through the TV. In this way, the hotel management is simplified.

These are just some examples of what we can do with Domotel. If you are interested in these or new services, please contact us. We will analyze your needs and develop a custom solution for your business.


Self-service check-in for hotels by Domotel

Complement your hotel`s or motel`s reception desk with automated check in and check-out kiosks. Your guests can come and go in and out of your facilities without delays. Domotel has installed many self-service kiosks for automatic check in and check-out (check-in and check-out) of hotel guests.

We are a provider of innovative solutions for the hospitality industry, and we have a great system that provides 24 hour unattended check-in and check-out service.

With Domotel your business improves customer service because it avoids having guests wait. It also optimizes staff resource costs in the hotel. The check in and check-out machines perfectly complements your hotel reception service, allowing guests to check-in and check-out outside reception opening hours. It also avoids queues at your hotel door when front desk staff members are busy during peak hours. Today hotels need to have the ability to provide greater billing flexibility, including unattented billing services.

Domotel has developed a simple and powerful system, suitable for all kinds of hotels.

Our customers,hotel and motel owners and managers, always have the similar needs for their business: “We want to install an automatic hotel check-in and check-out system, to improve our service to customers, but we need it to be really affordable. We have studied the systems offered by other suppliers and the costs are skyrocket”.

Domotel gives a truly affordable solution for hotels of all shapes and sizes. “” We need to extend our reception desk hours with a safe and easy way to reduce queues at peak hours, and for those nights where having an employee at a checkpoint is inefficient and costly”. Domotel provides the possibility to do so. And it is very profitable. We have a different self-service check in and check-out kiosk business model and that`s why our prices are highly competitive. Until Domotel, prices for automated check-in and check-out kiosks were really high and most small and medium hotels have considered them too costly. Domotel offers a much more efficient solution, not only quality-wise, but also cost-wise, so we can serve hotel businesses of all sizes. Investing in Domotel pays for itself very quickly.

If you want us to inform you about the advantages of our products, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will understand your needs better and we will agree how adapt Domotel to your hotel business.


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