Avoid the use of fake cards and save energy with Domotel


Domotel is an innovative product for running your hotel business. That is why we always try to go a step further to increase cost savings management and improve customer service. Similarly, our access control system optimizes the use of cards and helps you to control unnecessary energy expenditure.

Traditionally, front-desk staff gives a card to the guest. That card contain the access permissions physically. However, it is not like that with Domotel. Access permissions are introduced in the cards when the clients arrive and are cancelled when they leave the hotel. Then, the system can assign the same card for a new client in another room. That was designed in order to prevent the use of fake cards. Domotel will not allow the customer to activate the air conditioning or other services with other cards. This system helps to save energy costs in the hotel.

The cards used by our system are standard and easily replaceable. If they get lost, it can be found without problems. You can purchase it in any country and from any supplier.

If you want us to inform you about the advantages of our products, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will understand your needs better and we will agree how adapt Domotel to your hotel business.


Hotel check-in system by Domotel


During the check-in, client info is filled out automatically when the client introduces his ID card or passport in the kiosk scanner. If guest is new, the client form is filled out automatically. In both cases, a picture of the client's documentation just in case we need to indicate something to the client. (id card placed wrongly, unfocused etc.).


  1. The user has to select the room suggested by the kiosk (in those cases which the kiosk doesn't include a touch screen where the client can choose the room himself) and then press accept.
  2. In addition, the kiosk displays available services during the stay and the price for each one.
  3. It's possible to perform pre-payments and leave observations for a specific check-in.
  4. Each client can be assigned different permissions (configurable) to open specific facility doors, i.e. private cafeteria for hotel guests, or restrict access to pool or gym.


If you are an architect, we can be your technology partner

Domotel is the all-in-one hotel management solution. This is a unique product because it integrates natively building automation and management software. Through this system, we provide all the technology that a hotel might require. We respond to our customers needs because we are custom software developers.

For these reasons, we are a very solid and reliable team to colaborate with when architects offices are designing their projects. If you are an architect, we can give you technology assistance in all the elements that are related with building facilities. We are specialized in hotels, therefore we connect with your clients needs. You can be sure that your project will be a big success.

We want to be your technology partner. Observe that Domotel saves energy, improves staff efficiency and customer care. The hotelier will manage everything (his business and the building) from a single system. You don't need more technology suppliers (wireless, software, television on demand, etc ...) We will take care of everything.

If we colaborate with you from the beginning, we will design the perfect facilities and the hotelier will get the most of Domotel system. If you are interested in our services, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Building automation and facility management for hotels with Domotel

Building automation and facility management for hotels and motels with Domotel:

It controls the following devices:

  • Restricted access using proximity card to all doors (rooms, offices, meeting rooms, spa, cafe and restaurant). This implies a reader, an electric lock ,and RFID plastic cards.
  • Card key slot in rooms. Lets you know when guests enter and leave the room.
  • RFID card reader. One on each door, passing card through it, if accessed, the door opens.
  • Electric locks. It is an electric device installed in the frame, so that when a card is read correctly, the lock receives an electrical current and releases the lock .
  • Room services. Lighting, hot tub, air conditioning, etc..

Departures from the hotel or motel controlled by building automation

  1. Timed parking light. It stays on for a certain time.
  2. General lighting of the room. It enables or disables lighting, but installation is conventional or not to allow its management.
  3. Neon sign on garage doors. Allows you to identify the garage of the room selected in automated check-in kiosk.
  4. Garage door. It sends a pulse to the switchboard of the garage door to open or close it..
  5. Whirlpool. It toggles the supply of hydro power, allowing or preventing its operation.
  6. Sauna. Just as in the whirlpool, you control its operation.
  7. Control of air conditioning. It sends a pulse to the room thermostat to allow or prevent the operation of air conditioning.
  8. Electric lock. It sends the order to open when the card reading is correct.
  9. Outlet on television. It allows or denies the television functions similarly to the case of the whirlpool.

Check hotel or motel controlled Home Automation

  1. Garage door button. System sends a request to open or close the garage door.
  2. Garage light button. Sends the system an activation request to light the garage for a limited time.
  3. Elapsed time to  drive through garage door. Allows the system to know if the garage door is open or closed.

Automated check-out kiosks for your hotel or motel

  • It enables automatic check-out at the hotel, offers the following devices:
  • Vehicle Barrier
  • Vehicle Loop Detector
  • Motorized RFID card reader to collect the room keys.
  • Intercom

Automated check-in kiosks for your hotel or motel

  • It enables automatic check-in hotel, have the following elements:
  • Vehicle Barrier
  • Vehicle Loop Detector
  • Software touch screen for automatic check-in
  • ID Card Scanner
  • RFID Card Dispenser Motor
  • Intercom

Domotel allows to establish fees for special offers

More and more people travel for work and often they stay less than one day in some cities. Moreover, during the summer, temperatures can be very high. In this situation tourists and business people need a place to spend the hottest hours (from 15:00 to 19:00) or to have a rest.

We can find examples of this in Seville. In this city the hoteliers agreed to provide rooms just for the hotest hours of the day. According to several internet forums, the potential users of this service would value speed to enter and leave the hotel, and agility managing the client's stay. This initiative has also spread to cities like Madrid and Barcelona.

Our PMS was designed to fast the check-in and check-out. We have already talk about our check-in and check-out kiosk in previous posts. Through it, guests may register themselves to take full advantage of those three or four hours. Similarly, they can go as easily as they came.

However, in this post, we want to focus on the way of rating rooms in this kind of situations. Our system allows you to customize these utilities to establish fees for rooms that will be occupied just for four hours. It works like that:

1. You have to enter in "Check-in" screen

2. You will find the "Time Slot" tab, where you can configure an option called "siesta" as you can see in the picture. With this option the system will automatically register that the room will be occupied just for three or four hours. It also will rate the room by default.

This is just one of the Domotel's utilities. Note that we are custom software developers, therefore we can provide the perfect product for you. If you need more information, please contact us.


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