Control and manage your hotel quickly


It's high season and your staff is making miracles to realize when they have to clean the rooms or to know what it is the status of the rooms. A perfect solution for a this kind of situations would be Domotel's occupancy management software.

With this system you can easily know if a room is free, air-conditioned, occupied, reserved, out-of-order or pending cleaning graphically, on one simple interface. You can see the room status in a map of your hotel. Every room will be colored differently in a color depending on its status. With a quick glance you get a very precise idea on how your hotel is performing. Therefore, you can make quicker decisions and improve the management of the hotel staff.

By the other hand, Domotel occupancy management software helps you improve customer care. For example, you can set up wake-up calls directly for each stay or order client services like whirlpool or sauna.

This is just of the many advantages of the hotel PMS made by Ictel Engineering. You can discover more solutions of the software if you click here or contact us now.


Domotel is much more than just another hotel PMS solution

What is Domotel's singularity?

There are many hotel PMS solutions in the market, with very different price range, but none of them have been designed from the very beginning to be managed from only one solution keeping the global hotel business concept in mind, in other words:

  1. Hotel business management: employee management software, occupancy, staff, warehouse, CRM, hotel business reportsm etc.; hotel reservation software, POS for hotels, check-in and check-out software, etc.
  2. Hotel building automation facility management: hotel shared facilities management, hotel services management, room management, etc.
  3. Other hotel technologies: self-service, automated, unattended check-in and check-out kiosks, WIFI for hotels, IPTV for hotels, video on demand, access control time and attendance software, check-out form room TV system, etc.

The complete Domotel system covers everything you need to manage a hotel as automated, and therefore as efficient, as possible. Thus, together with the PMS for the management of the hotel business, we offer every option listed below or, alternatively, the integration of our PMS with the equivalents from other manufacturers:

  • Access control for vehicles, license plate readers, toll barriers, sensors, etc.
  • Electronic door control with proximity cards: on-line system where information is not recorded on the card, so you can do all sorts of changes without having the card physically.
  • Telephone exchange: Disable external calls or set wake-up calls and other alarms from any PC. Change room status using the telephone for the cleaning staff.
  • Building Automation for hotels and motels: Control lighting, garage doors, air conditioning, whirlpool, sauna, television, etc.. It allows controlling certain services. For example, if the sauna has not been payed for previously it cannot be activated not activated…
  • On demand television for hotels: you can buy a DVD quality movie using the TV remote control. In addition, there are different menus on the television. For example, guests can view their account or order room service. Housekeeping staff, can check hotel rooms as “cleaned” when finished.
  • Fingerprint readers: we install both fingerprint readers or RFID proximity card readers. The advantage of fingerprint readers is that the person is identified unambiguously and the advantage of card readers is that one same card grants access to room doors and offices. It also serves as identification to access PMS system, etc.
  • Automated check-in and check-out machines for hotels: avoid having guests wait at your hotel, enable self-service kiosks so they can choose their rooms through pictures and pay on the spot…
  • Information web platform: check on your hotel business key performance indicators, such as occupancy, billing or bookings. Generate track reports in MS Excel and PDF format, all available online, at any time, and in real time.

We offer a good solution for hotels of any business size. Learn about how Domotel gives answers to your needs, do not hesitate to contact us now.


Hotel access control and time and attendance all included in Domotel


With Domotel can get the latest information on access control and staff time and attendance in and out of your hotel faciliteis.

Domotel's access control system can also allow you to monitor your hotel staff performance. Imagine we wnat to find out how much time it takes members of the cleaning staff to tidy up rooms. Since each employee has his or her own RFID card-key, we know in real-time who goes in and out of any room. This way we know with mathematical precision how much it takes each hotel staff member to clean up a hotel room, helping managers analize hotel employee performance.This is also very useful for motels as well.

This information is also useful for hotel reception desk staff, since it enables them to know room status in real time (occupied,pending cleaning, etc.), assisting them when it comes to occupancy management and assigning rooms.

This features the following functionalities:

  • Access control completely online. See instantly the activity going on in your hotel hotel.
  • Edit and cancel card-key permissions without having the card physically
  • Block doors using the computer
  • Staff cards cannot open guest rooms if the room is physically occupied
  • Full reporting system. Learn every access to any door from anywhere
  • Time table editing, shifts and planning for employees Domotel provides numerous advantages in access control compared to conventional card systems.

The system is completely online. There is no need to go door by door to download data. All the information is updated in real time. Both successful and failed access atempts are recorded. Reports can be obtained by filtering data: by doors, by employees or by any combination of both .


Loyal Clients and Customer Care


Domotel allows you to improve the customer care, clients loyalty and guest comfort.The system includes different elements that will be useful to achieve these goals.

First, the hotel PMS includes a complete automatic booking management system. With this tool you can record the preferences of the guest. For example, you can regulate the temperature if the client told the staff that the room was cold in other visits. In other cases, perhaps you will want to plan a special promotion for loyal clients. The records can make you figure out which one could be the best gift or service.

The system can save all the information for a period of time that you will decide. You can enter in the database and create reports to know how your loyal clients are, how many times they are coming to your hotel or even what meals or products are the most wanted. The registration of preferences of the clients is just one of the advantages of Domotel reservation management software but there are another that you will discover if you click here.

By the other hand, Domotel help you to focus on the guest that need the staff attention. This is one of the advantages of the check-in and check-out kiosk. It are a perfect complement for reception desks, specially in high season or rush hour. Thereby, the employees can be free to perform other tasks.

If you have any questions or want to explore new possibilities, do not hesitate to contact us.


Greater energy efficiency for your hotel

Lights that stay on all day long. Air conditioning cooling a room when the window is open. Wasted energy in heating rooms when another warmer room is empty. All of these are examples of how energy can be wasted increasing the costs. These things can be solved with Domotel, a system which manage the hotel resources more efficiently.

First you must know that 60% of energy consumption is due to hotel rooms. However, in high season, it can reach 80%. The bills will be reduced if we create “smart bedrooms”. These rooms have systems to optimizing the energy, managing efficiently the amount of heat, cold or light. Thus Domotel can give comfort to the client adapting to hotel circumstances and occupancy rate.

Let's see some examples of how Domotel can provide solutions. On the one hand, Domotel does not allow activating the air conditioning or any other service with any other card different than those dispensed by the system. As a result, the system avoids the customer to leave lights or heating on. Furthermore, this management software can put the air conditioning in stand by mode when the user leaves the room. It can also be disconnected when the guest opens a window. Similarly, the system save energy disabling electrical devices such as televisions, whirlpools or saunas.

There are different ways to use Domotel with energy saving criteria. For example, the software will help you to place the host in the room that would be easier to heat. Another option should be the lighting and temperature control of the common areas.

These are just some examples of how Domotel increases energy efficiency. If you have any questions or want to explore new possibilities, please contact us.


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