Ictel Engineering becomes Red Hat partner


We have become partners of Red Hat, one of the greatest open source software suppliers whose products are distributions of Linux. It is a result of our commitment to quality and customer service. This agreement will allow us to improve the accurate operation of servers of the systems that we implement for our customers. We will also receive technical assistance in order to continue the development of higher quality and efficiency products. With this, we provide the best service and technology solutions compatible with all types of software.

We are aware that the market increasingly demands this kind of technological solutions. Therefore we choose to enjoy the support services of Red Hat. In this way, we join a specialized network in open-source software, whose "raison d'etre" is that sharing the source with programmers will make the software evolve, improve and correct its mistakes faster.

Red Hat will send us information to know how to implement our technology solutions. We will also have access to technical seminars in which they will transmit us their know-how and resources to get the most from their solutions. Amongs t other advantages, this partnership means that we will attend better your demands because we are taking advantage of a global network to improve the open source software.


Domotel offers much more than software for hotels

The complete Domotel system covers everything  you need to manage a hotel as automated, and therefore as efficient, as possible. Thus, together with the PMS for the management of the hotel business, we offer every option listed below or, alternatively, the integration of  our PMS with the equivalents from other manufacturers:

  • Access control for vehicles, license plate readers, toll barriers, sensors, etc.
  • Electronic door control with proximity cards: on-line system where information is not recorded on the card, so you can do all sorts of changes without having the card physically.
  • Telephone exchange: Disable external calls or set wake-up calls and other alarms from any PC. Change room status using the telephone for the cleaning staff.
  • Building Automation for hotels and motels: Control lighting, garage doors, air conditioning, whirlpool, sauna, television, etc.. It allows controlling certain services. For example, if the sauna has not been payed for previously it cannot be activated not activated…
  • On demand television for hotels: you can buy a DVD quality movie using the TV remote control. In addition, there are different menus on the television. For example, guests can view their account or order room service.  Housekeeping staff, can check hotel rooms as “cleaned” when finished.
  • Fingerprint readers: we install both fingerprint readers or RFID proximity card readers. The advantage of fingerprint readers is that the person is identified unambiguously and the advantage of card readers is that one same card  grants access to room doors and offices. It also serves as identification to access PMS system, etc…
  • Automated check-in and check-out machines for hotels: avoid having guests wait at your hotel, enable self-service kiosks so they can choose their rooms through pictures and pay on the spot…
  • Information web platform: check on your hotel business key performance indicators, such as occupancy, billing or bookings. Generate track reports in MS Excel and PDF format, all available online, at any time, and in real time.

Explore the possibilities of the control access system based in RFID cards


Domotel's access control is based on RFID cards. These devices transmit information using radio waves and do not require contact with the reader. With Domotel, permission is granted by the system. So, the cards just store the information needed to access in the room, turn on the light or air conditioning. Furthermore, when the client checks-out, the information in the card is erased and the card will be used for another client for another room.

We can configure different types of cards depending on their use:

1. Customer card: It opens the door of the room and activate the light, air conditioning and services that the client has contracted. This system offers many possibilities and, depending on the type of hotel, it can be configured to allow the access to other facilities. For example, a customer arrives at a thermal spa and contracts for services in different hot springs. The card that he will receive at the front desk would be configured not only to open the door of his room but also to these other areas. We would adapt our products to your business and we would propose an accurate solution for every type of hotel.

2. Staff card: These cards would be used by your employees. It allows them to enter in every room unless a client is inside. It only activate the light. In addition, the card will also serve to make their clocking in and out.

3. Emergency card: It allow to enter in one room even if it is blocked or occupied.

4. Master card: It grant the access to all rooms except if it are blocked.

5. Supermaster card: It is similar to the master card. The only difference is that it allows you to enter in every room even if their status is "blocked". Emergency card, master card and supermaster card activate all the services of the room.

The point is that access control cards are very basic. That is the reason why we can offer a wide range of applications adapted to your business and your customers. If one card gets lost, we will just desactive it. It is a standard device so it will be easy to replace.

We will create the best access control in every case because we study every case individually. We adapt to business, spa or luxury tourism. Contact us now and explore the different options.


Hotel check-in software with Domotel (I)

This is the first of a series of articles directed to understand Domotel's check-in software features. We will analyze Domotel's check-in interface from left to right, up to down. To access Domotel's check-in screen from the main menu simply click on check.-in:






Once inside, the check-in screen appears. On the left column we have the following options:

1. Room allocation,  rooms can be assigned through a previous reservation o to a client that requests a room spontaenously.

2. Room selection, it can be assigned automatically by the system or manualyy by the hotel receptionist.



When a client already has a reservation, hotel receptionist can look up the reservation by the code. Domotel hotel software also enables you to look up a reservation through a client's name. Once a reservation is identified, the system asigns a room manually. Nevertheless, the hotel receptionist can assign the rooms manually whenever he wants.


These are the reservation query forms.




The best way to create a hotel PMS is discussing its characteristics with you. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us and request more information about Domotel. We will customize our products to create the best solution for your hotel business.



Domotel hotel software: main menu


Domotel is a global hotel solution because it helps hotels manage business and facilities from one single application. Domotel is very flexible and scalable platform, so it adpts toy your pecific hotel needs as a simple PMS just like Winhotel, Fidelio, Amadeus, etc...


This is how Domotel's main menu looks like once you entre the hotel app as an end-user:



As you can see, from the main menu you can access two rows of options. The top menu contains the most important software functionalities, from left to right:


1. Control: this system controls the building (facility management) from one simple interface. Room elements and services as well as all the shared facilities are monitored and manually controlled from this screen: lighting, air conditioning, TV, whirlpool, minibar, heating, etc...



2. Check-in software: manage all your hotel check-ins from this simple screen.



3. Check-out software: manage all your hotel check-outs from this simple screen.



4. Hotel reservation software: manage your hotel reservations using this very simple and intuitive screen.


The best way to create a hotel PMS is discussing its characteristics with you. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us and request more information about Domotel. We will customize our products to create the best solution for your hotel business.


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