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Ictel Engineering designs, develops and distributes Domotel, a global hotel management solution. Domotel is a global hotel management solution that  enables managing hotels in an efficient, energy-saving,

intelligent manner. The key is the integration of hotel building automation and facility management, with the hotel PMS and all the other technological elements  in one simple yet powerful solution: building automation, facility management, PMS, GMS, technological services (IPTV, VOD, WIFI...), hotel checck.in and check-out kiosks for hotels, among many others.

Domotel stands out due to its scalability, reliabilty, innovation and integration. Its objective is to simplify hotel management far beyond where market standards do, reducing staff costs and promoting energy saving  solutions in hotels. Domotel is aimed at hotel promoters, hotel ownership and hotel directors and managers that need to optimize hotel resources and are looking for quality technology , who acknowledge value products and go beyond marketing based assets.


Ictel Engineering's mission is to offer the best platform to manage hotels globally, integrating every technology in one simple solution: building automation, facility management, hotel PMS and every other hotel technology. One hotel, one solution, one user interface.


Domotel has been designed after a comprehensive study on how hotel businesses work. Ictel Engineering has always kept the global hotel business concept in mind. We constantly aim at reducing costs and complexity of hotel management. The result is Domotel, the all-in-one hotel management solution.


Domotel increases hotel profitability, working everyday on offering a solid, powerful and updated solution. Customer satisfaction is the main driver for Domotel's growth. Domotel is the most practical technological solution in the hotel industry. Ictel Engineering offers true customer service, fluid communication, and continuous improvement. We strive on our client's success stories.


Over the past few years Ictel Engineering has received several public and private grants for R+D activities. These grants acknowledge Ictel's continuous work investigating and innovating in the hotel technology industry. We deliver that trust through Domotel to our very satisfied customers.


Ictel Engineering uses different channels to sale, distribute promote and provide customer service. Ictel has a multi-directional and interactive window to the world through the Internet. We also perform online product demos and we are available to answer any questions over the phone, +34 986 262 230, or by email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


The company has grouped a team of experienced, multi-profile, highly qualified profesionals. Every member has great knowledge on how a hotel business works. Ictel Engineers always keeps the global hotel business concept in mind. Integrating every hotel technology into one simple and powerful application is always our main motivation.

One hotel, one solution

Domotel is the all-in-one in the world of hotel managemnet solution. Our motto is one hotel, one solution. Domotel integrates facility management and hotel property managementb software in one aplication. Domotel uses standard and open protocols, and it is easily integrated with other technologies. Domotel adapts to each hotel's needs. Ictel Engineering is committed to provide custom solutions using Domotel as a jump-start, no matter the shape and size of the hotel. The end-result is a custom global hotel management system .


Ictel Engineering is a Registered Company in Aenor UNE-EN ISO 9001 and Certified Company in Management Systems IQNet . IQ-Net is a network which brings together regional and national partners from Structural Funds programmes across the European Union. Its aim is to improve the quality of Structural Funds programme management through exchange of experience. The network involves a structured programme of applied research and debate, centred on bi-annual conferences.


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ICtel engineers is a company specialized in industrial process engineeringand development and integration. We work in the automation industry, mainly in the car industry, electric project development, industrial record and software programming for data capture, access control and building automation.